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My Mission is to educate families and empower them with smart financial choices.

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“Value Your Things...
Before You Lose
Your Valuable Things!”
-Sabrina Protic

Pandemic Proof Solution

I lost income, health insurance and life insurance after decades as a corporate operations manager. I sprang into proactive mode when I was first notified that I was being furloughed. After hours of research, phone calls and price quotes to replace my life and health Insurance it became clear to me that over 40 million unemployed work force persons were looking for the same. My mission and journey had selected me to pay it forward by becoming a licensed financial services coach. My purpose and passion is to educate and empower you and your family about life insurance, smart retirement choices, setting life goals and the necessity to prepare for possibilities. 

-Sabrina Protic, Financial Services Coach

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Retirement Ready

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Achieve Your Financial Goals

  • You learn Life Insurance is for Living and Loss of Life

  • You Learn about Living Benefits-Critical, Chronic Illness

  • You determine How much Life Insurance you need

  • You learn how Life Insurance is priced

  • You learn the types of Life Insurance products

  • You choose the best life products for you

  • You learn how to eliminate debt

  • You learn how to set up for safe retirement income

Prepare for Possibilities!


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