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Regional Marketing Director  Capital Choice Financial Services

Money When You Need It!

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Your financial tomorrow depends
on what you do today.
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Financial Coaching Offerings

Virtual and in person financial education to help our communities make smart financial choices and business opportunities to those who enjoy working with people. Outsourcing Benefits - working with businesses by offering 1099's and W-2 back-office benefits (Life Insurance and Self-Funded Pensions) at no cost to the employer. Offering Keyman Insurance to businesses. 

The ideal customer has something or someone that depends on them. Homeowner, single, couples, single parents and has an income. The business opportunity is open to all adults with or without income. 

Client Profile

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Will You Have Enough Money?

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Whats Your Number?

You must know your number as part of present and future lifestyle plan. Are you single?

Do you plan to have a life partner, kids, own a home, acquire higher education, establish a career, or start a business? What does your debt look like? Is your present income sufficient to meet your wealth building plan? This is where speaking with a financial professional can help. As a financial coach I educate clients on putting

all of these pieces together to form

your personalized financial game plan.  

-Sabrina Protic, Financial Coach

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