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Keeping the Roof Over Your Head

The necessities in life are Food, Clothing and Shelter with the most costly being keeping a roof over our heads. There’s something magical about affording our independence and having your own space whether it’s a home, condo, villa or an apartment.

Approximately one third of our income is used to pay our rent or mortgage payments. The home purchasing process including credit credits and credibility ensure that we qualify to make the monthly mortgage payment for the life of the loan.

Protecting the Lender

To protect the lender, Mortgage Protection Insurance (PIM) or Qualified Mortgage Insurance (MPI) may be required as part of the home closing process.

Protecting the Borrow/Heirs - YOU

Mortgage Tile Insurance protects the heirs in case the title is not free and clear at the time of the home purchase.

Mortgage Protection Life Insurance protects the borrower and their heirs depending on what type of policy is purchased.

A Living Benefits Term Life Insurance policy offers the insured the ability to make a claim for a condition of critical, chronic or terminal illness. The cash received from the face value may be used to pay the mortgage and any other expenditure at the discretion of the insured.

Another layer of protection is to list the mortgage lender as a beneficiary on the life insurance policy. The lender would be paid first and the remaining policy face value funds would be allocated to the other beneficiary/beneficiaries, if any.

Peace of Mind

Losing a home can be devastating especially when we have a critical, chronic or terminal illness. Be proactive and make a plan to keep the roof over your head during challenging times.

Prepare for possibilities - for the events that can impact you now and years to come.

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