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Your Body In Motion

“A body in motion stays in motion, a body at rests stays at rest.” - Newton’s Law of Motion

In my dark years of depression and isolation, I was so exhausted that it felt like my arms were missing. I had no desire to do anything but exist. Those negative thoughts paralyzed me at times. Even simple tasks seemed too monumental like keeping up with laundry, staying on top of bills and housekeeping.

Does that this sound familiar to you? Have you just let things go because your body could not process the motions to get things done? This is called failure to thrive. I had lost all hope and with that my energy. A weak mind leads to an even weaker body. You have to choose to thrive, choose to live your life to the fullest. Choose to be ageless.

How did I reframe my thinking and find the energy I needed to add Life Back into my Life? Ironically, energy starts with rest. Make sure you are getting enough rest each day. Recovery sleep is an important factor in staying alert, healthy, and feeling more youthful. Another component of energy is movement. Perhaps engage in a refreshing morning stretch that includes touching your toes, reaching your arms up to the ceiling and then rotate to both the left and right sides of your body. A nice evening walk or a brisk morning walk followed by a full glass of water to keep the body hydrated can ramp up the energy.

Plan your energy by scheduling something that involves you being physically active. What about taking tennis lessons, biking or swimming? One of the funniest things I did was take dance lessons. Not only did this allow me to learn a new skill, but also to meet new people and expand my network. Believe it or not, I met doctors and attorneys in my dance class who needed an outlet away from the demands of their businesses. To this day, I can still cut a rug or two from those lessons from years ago.

Share with us what you do to maintain your energy levels? We are always looking for new ways to be active and release the mental toxins in our minds.

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