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Building Connections

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Whatever your trials and tribulation are, one thing is for certain – you must find the inner strength to detach from the

circumstances that you cannot change and find a new beginning.

Sometimes we may find ourselves thinking, “maybe if I did this” or “maybe if I say that” I can get back what is lost. This is emptying thinking that leads to grief and more anxiety. It’s time to change the landscape in your life and build new connections, friendships, networks, and relationships.

When you begin building connections, it’s easier to start from the inside and widen out. By that, I mean starting with the people you are already connected to (and may not have talked to in a while).  I started with my friends, and through association, they helped me bridge out to meet other people. I even threw myself a “coming out” party and invited my new growing circle of friends.  It became clear to me that I would have to create my own path of starting over and growing a network was the key.

I knew I wanted to find roots and keep busy

with people and projects that had depth and meaning. That meant it was time for me to build connections in the business community, where I could add value.

How does one do this? There is no shortage of networking groups that meet anywhere, anytime, in person or online. Find a group that matches your values and whose mission and visions you can embrace. Look for groups that fit your personality, yet encourage you to stretch your wings a little.  The goal is to build your community and essentially, your future world.

Eventually, I founded my own network of women entrepreneurs called W.E.E., Women’s Entrepreneurial Empowerment. The mission of this organization is to create opportunities for women to expand their networks, develop relationships, grow their businesses and engage in community enrichment.

Share with us your contributions to enrich your community and what you have done to build bridges of networks.

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