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Turn Off Your "Autopilot" - Stop and Smell the Roses!

You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.”- John C. Maxwell

Have you ever driven yourself home and wondered how you got there?

You don’t remember the turns or the red light, and yet here you are, in your own driveway. That’s kind of scary in one sense, yet shows us how powerful the mind is in another.

Do you routinely order the same menu item at your favorite restaurant or shop at the same clothing store? In fact, the employees see you coming and in some cases automatically know what you are going to order or purchase. I have termed this mental routine as Auto Pilot.

AutoPilot causes us to miss out on taking a chance.

You could be trying something new, better tasting, or more effective. By making the same choices, again and again, you’re not stepping out of that lane you always travel.

Also, you may be missing some things along the way that have been there the whole time.

I recall a story that was told to me by an executive of a company that impacted a decision to make a hiring decision. During a lunch interview with a job candidate, the executive took note that the candidate salted his food first before tasting it. The executive asked the candidate why he did that? The candidate stated that it was a habit.

Needless to say, the candidate did not get the job, because of routine actions without first investigating by tasting first!

Take a minute to experience the world around you. Part of stopping to notice the world around is engaging with the world, too. Make it a point to notice things, people, places, smells, tastes, weather, and cultures. Gift yourself with life.

Women, do not wait for someone to give you a rose. Buy one for yourself, the smell and beauty will intoxicate you.

Men, do not wait on that special little tech thing, buy one for yourself and enjoy it. Step out of your routine, try something, new and reward yourself.

Life is full of choices, enjoy them and live life to the full.

One or two days a week, I take a mental break and on the way home now I stop and browse in a shop or store to unwind just for about 20 minutes. I am in a happier place when I go home.

Share with us something new that you have done outside of your routine that may help our readers break their cycle.

Share with us your suggestions for getting our bodies back in shape. We need options and variety.

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