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Your Body is a Priceless Possession

“Your Body is your most Priceless Possession, so go take care of it.” - Jack Lalanne

We can blame it on anything, our current body disposition that is. Are you overweight, losing muscle mass, added a few inches to your waist line and find it hard to touch your toes?

We can come up with a host of reasons for our shapeless silhouette such as going through a divorce, losing a job, getting older, working long hours, limited time resources, family demands, building your empire or lack of energy.

Part of my ageless recovery was to look and feel great so I had to look at the monster I created; my expanding body. I had let myself go to the point that I would get winded attempting to do anything aerobic such as jogging or jumping. I was having a “Rocky” moment where I could envision myself running up the stairs to the sound of the song “Feeling Strong Now.”

Back to reality, this body needed professional help.

I highly recommend that you get a personal trainer or some kind of assistance if you are going to start up a new, strenuous high-impact fitness program after being sedentary for a while. You can injure yourself easily, thinking you can do more than your body is ready to do.

Low-impact home exercises like walking, swimming, and stretching are not too much of a concern unless you have pre-existing health conditions. As always, check with your doctor before starting any new fitness programs.

Set goals and keep track by using several tools on the market today. My fitness tracker told me my level of fitness each day and how many calories I was burning. To stay on top of what I was putting into my body, I logged my meals each day and installed a free app called “myfitnesspal.”

This is a great app because you can scan barcodes to add food, set a calorie and/or weight goal, add your fitness activities, manage your weight, and get healthy recipes. It syncs with many trackers like Apple watch or fitbit. Be realistic about your goals, where you are in life, and your overall health.

Share with us your suggestions for getting our bodies back in shape. We need options and variety.

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