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Moving Out of Your "Safe" Space

"And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count, it’s the life in your years” - Abraham Lincoln

When you look at children on a playground they do not have a care in the world. They are daring, and not too concerned if they get dirty or even a little scuffed up as the ride the merry go round or decide to go down backward on the tallest slide head first! It is actually a challenge for them and they feel a sense of triumph after their daring feat.

Why stop doing fun, daring things just we have titles such as “adult”, “woman” or “senior citizen”. As I shared last week, my life had become routine and boring. I discovered the value of branching out and meeting new people. My new-found connections opened up my mind and broaden my thinking and expanded my journey.

More was needed to get some “Life Back into my Life”. I needed to do something daring, scary and challenging. I decided, at the urging of my boyfriend and now husband, to try scuba diving. Whoa, wait a minute, this is way out of my comfort zone! The scuba diving lessons were held in a swimming pool which softened the fear for me.

The first time they strapped on a diving helmet I began to hyperventilate. It was something about peaking through the tiny window that seemed too close, too seemingly hard to breathe, but still, I got in the pool and tried. I wasn’t going to be defeated and say no to this new experience.

The helmet did not work well for me, so I opted for a regular face mask and oxygen tank, and that worked perfectly. I stood at the bottom of the pool, in a completely new world, and so very proud of myself for moving out of safe space.

Earlier in my life, I never would have tried something like this. But I was a new me, and this new woman wanted to experience all that life had to offer.

I encourage you to start a bucket list. The first item on the list should be an out-of-the-box action item. Share with me what you have done on your bucket list or plan to do on your list that adds excitement to your life.

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