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How do you Conquer?

“NO ONE can make you feel INFERIOR without your consent.” Eleanor Roosevelt

As I sat on the sofa in my therapist's office with tissues in hand, I began to realize that I had been conditioned to think that I was not worthy, post-divorce, of anything, especially love and happiness. 

Or was I conditioned?

In my mind seeing a therapist was only for people who had some serious mental issues, kind of abnormal in away.

Certainly, this was not me, I thought, but I just could not seem to put all the pieces together in my life and I was drowning in a sea of unworthiness.

Halfway through the sessions, I came to the conclusion that I was really one of “those people” who had become abnormal in my thinking.

In addition, I did not want anyone to know that I was seeing a therapist for fear of the same erroneous thinking that I once had, so I kept it secret.

The big moment of freedom happened when I came to terms with my own self imposed lack of value. 

No one made me feel unworthy, to the contrary,  it was me who had given the consent to fire the missiles of mental mass destruction my way.

We designed a road map to get me on a new path of worthiness, self-love, and self-respect.

Some people measure value by their job titles at work, their income, or their status in life.  Your thoughts on your value are not contingent on whether you are making widgets, saving the environment or getting a 1,000 likes on social media.

Rather,  it’s the inner peace and acceptance of you  and therein lays the treasure. I began a new journey of widening out and making new friends and building new relationships. 

I charted out networking meet-ups and would attend two per month. Miracles happened! Everyone shook my hand as if I was important, included me in other networking events and would mutually exchange contact information. 

I found it! What about you?  Did you ever feel that you had your value and self-worth stripped away from you?

If so,  how did you conquer?

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